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Early Work

Prior to her MFA studies, with a B.A. in English Literature and a Diplôme d'Education, Susie worked as a teacher, writer, editor, publisher, and arts advocate. Based on her creative work with children, Susie has written several articles on ensembles, teaching song-making, and creating theatre with the very young. She fostered the vision of elementary-age Seattle Shakespeare lovers and helped them form a children’s theatre, The Children’s Globe. The company’s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream garnered this review: 


“There was magic in this production…magic that is profoundly moving…created through moments of ensemble voice and movement that transcended time and space and achieved archetypal status…such as during the masked pavanne or the balletic circle dance and unison chant/song of the changeling child. The players became curiously anonymous, became all-children, innocent and eternal, meanwhile creating a heightened recognition of the very fleeting nature of childhood." —Leslie Simons, board member, Seattle Gilbert and Sullivan Society.

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